BroadBay Executive Team

Tony Kayyod, P.E.

CEO & Owner

Tony Kayyod is a footprint visionary with over 35 years of combined industry and leadership experience in customer-driven turnkey projects. Tony has over 10 years of O&P industry knowledge through global footprint expansion and has established sustainable, culturally-diverse supply chain & distribution channels in over 80 countries. His process-driven executive teams have successfully set up domestic and foreign operations that met business case expectations and allowed rapid sales growth through employees training & transactional process integrity. Formerly, Tony was an automotive industry executive responsible for directing Global Footprint in Manufacturing, Engineering, Supply Chain & Warehousing, as well as Chief Engineer for Sensors and Actuators at General Motors & Delphi Automotive. Tony holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University and an MBA from Jacksonville State University. Tony enjoys daily long nature walks with his puppy pack.

Derrick Beeler

Director of Customer Experience

Derrick Beeler is seasoned executive with over 35 years of professional experience in Program Management, Purchasing, Supplier Development, Quality Control, Job Costing, Customer Development, Production Resource Allocation, Start Up, Facility Management, Time Studies, Construction Projects, Lean Operations, and Process Improvement. Previously, Derrick was the President of Beel Automotive; Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Permold Corporation; and various positions at DTE Energy including Corporate Planning Engineer and Account Executive. Derrick also served on executive loan to the Detroit Regional Chamber as the Director of Canadian Marketing and Economic Development. Derrick holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Wayne State University. Derrick enjoys golf, volunteer work, and mentoring.

Farshod Kayyod

Director of Supply Chain

Farshod Kayyod has been part of a process-driven executive team since 2012 that successfully led practical hands-on project implementation in over 50 countries. Farshod excels in due diligence, vetting, direct from source procurement, supply chain management, supplier audits, production resource allocation, lead time reduction, documentation, and the export/import process with various products and services. Clients consistently saw new or improved global operations with rapid business growth and happy employees through his leadership and implementation of sustainable constraint management principals, employee training, transactional process integrity, and increased enterprise-wide throughput and cash flow. Farshod holds a BS in Marketing from Oakland University as well as Associate degrees in Business Administration and Liberal Arts. Farshod takes pride in expanding his garden every year, harvesting over 20 different varieties of fruits and vegetables in 2017.