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Product Information

AchilloMax achilles tendon support for soft tissue compressions with silicon pads.

  • Relieves pain and activates the musculature 
  • Pad made of silicone at the achilles tendon evenly distributes pressure, without limiting the wearing comfort 
  • Stimulates metabolism by massage effect 
  • Additional relief of the achilles tendon by integrated silicone wedge 
  • With silicone heel cushion for counter lateral side 
  • The breathable, innovative functional fibre Xtra-Dry increases the wearing comfort considerably 
  • The included donning aid helps putting on the support easily

Used for:

  • Achillodynia
  • Tendonitis 
  • Paratendinitis
  • Bursitis subachillea
  • Postoperative after achilles tendon ruptures 
  • Lymph drain malfunctions (swellings distal from the applied support) 
  • Sensory and circulatory disorders (e.g. diabetic foot syndrome) 
  • Skin diseases 

Technical Specifications

  • Part number 50B1
  • Material interactions/allergies - do not wear directly on injured, irritated or damaged skin 
  • For lower resting periods (e.g. sleeping etc.), the support should be removed, as it develops its therapeutic effect especially during physical activity