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go.adventure foot

Product Information

Walking, hiking, jogging without a problem on uneven terrain! The new GO.adventure supports users who want to live an active lifestyle. Although it features highly dynamic characteristics, the prosthetic foot also provides a strong sense of stability. This is possible due to the keel made of multi-layered carbon that provides long ground contact between heel strike and mid-stance. Unlike the other foot types of the GO.-series, the GO.adventure provides a dynamic carbon spring which absorbs vertical impact loads and considerably increases the energy return. Furthermore, the foot is supplied with two heel wedges to enable the practitioner to provide individual customization to precisely meet the requirements of the patient.

  • Dynamic springs increases energy return and provide vertical shock absorption
  • Intelligent interaction between elastomer and carbon
  • Dynamic and natural gait pattern on various terrains
  • Wide basic spring for stability
  • Controlled, rapid plantar-flexion from heel strike to mid-stance to create prolonged full ground contact
  • Multi-axial 
  • Heel strike adjustments from provided wedges
  • Black spectra-sock included
  • Foot shell sold separately (wide and standard; caucasian, brown or black)

Technical Specifications

  • K3/K4 
  • Weight limit up to 330 lbs./150 kg(depending on size)
  • Connection: male pyramid
  • Heel height: 3/8 in/10 mm
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs./700 g (size 27 incl. foot shell and spectra-sock)
  • Build height: size 22 – 25 cm = 5.6 in (144 mm); size 25 – 29 = 6.1 in (155 mm)
  • Maintenance-free
  • Warranty: 36 months
  • 60 day trial period

Manufacturer Recommended HCPCS: L5986, L5987 

*The listing of codes with these products should not be construed as a guarantee for coverage or payment. Ultimate responsibility for the coding of services/products rests with the individual practitioner.